Meet Ryan Sherman: Director of Business Development

Meet Ryan Sherman, Russell Tobin’s newest Director of Business Development. Ryan brings extensive business development experience to Russell Tobin while previously specializing in the information technology and marketing industries.

I’m incredibly excited to have Ryan Sherman leading our Business Development efforts through a shared vision of being a trusted advisor.” Tim Tobin, Managing Director of Russell Tobin stated, “I’m confident our potential partners will feel the same bespoke service our existing stakeholders experience when working with our team.”

After hearing Tim Tobin’s excitement about Ryan Sherman, the marketing team was eager to sit down and see what Ryan was all about…

How Did You Get Into Staffing?

7 years ago, I was selling Bowling packages for Harlem Lanes.  My college roommate was working for a staffing firm, and suggested that I come interview for an entry-level, inside sales role.  Fast forward 7 years later here I am at Russell Tobin and I couldn’t be happier!

What Kind of Sales Experience Do You Bring With You To Russell Tobin?

I have acted as an individual contributor both in inside and outside staffing sales, I’ve been a Sales Team Lead, a regional Sale Manager and now a Director of Business Development.

How Has Business Development Changed With Technology Rapidly Evolving?  

Historically, business development solely relied on referrals, chance encounters, and yellow page phone books.  Those components are still cornerstones in quality business development, however, with the emergence of tools like LinkedIn, SalesForce, Zoom info, and social media; Sales representatives are able to identify and target key stakeholders with messaging that speaks directly to them.  Cold-calling and emailing becomes warm messaging when we apply the right leverage to our outreach!

What Traits Do You Think Will Make You Successful in Leading The Business Development Team?

Business Development is all about attitude.  We must bring a positive energy and passion to what we do every day.  When connecting with a prospect, if you aren’t passionate about what you are doing, they won’t be either.  That can be tough when you get more “No’s” then “Yes’s” but Business Development is about casting a wide and relevant net to catch your fish.  One day, that “No” can change and they will remember who didn’t give up the fight when success seemed like a long shot.

What Motivates You Every Day?

2 fold – my team and my family.  Both my team and my family are depending on me to add value for them every single day.  I am fully invested in both parties’ happiness and success!

Why Did You Choose Russell Tobin?

The importance of “Team” that exists here.  This place is 100% all hands on deck at all times.  The greatest examples come from our senior leadership here; Leo Russell and Tim Tobin set an amazing example of what it means to be “in the trenches.”  I respect that form of leadership and couldn’t resist getting involved.

Ryan Sherman

Ryan Sherman, a Dickinson College graduate, is responsible for leading business development practices across multiple verticals as it pertains to staffing. He will be assisting all practices in an effort to grow Russell Tobin’s business scale. He specializes in identifying prospects, leading initial business development pitches, contract negotiation, fulfillment and on-going customer satisfaction..

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