Direct and Contract Hiring

Hiring stellar talent is essential to the workflow of an organization. It is critical to identify qualified employees and place them in suitable positions in order for a company to run effectively and smoothly.  Whether you are looking to evaluate candidates before committing to a long term hire or looking to fill a temporary or seasonal position, Russell Tobin can efficiently connect companies with quality talent.


Russell Tobin offers staffing solutions across a wide range of industries for direct hire, temporary/contract and freelance work. Our team of highly skilled recruitment specialists works to narrow the pool of viable employees for our clients in order to pair them with top candidates. When we commit to our clients, we form a strategic partnership in order to provide effective and efficient workforce solutions.

Our Process

Learn and understand your company culture:

When an organization comes on board as a client, we take the time to understand that organization from the inside out.  We sit down with hiring managers before putting a plan in place in order to fully comprehend our client’s needs, goals, budget, etc.  In this debriefing stage, we gather as much information as possible, to ensure that we are looking for ideal candidates to fit a client’s organization.


Match you with a team of recruiters:

Once we have a clear understanding of our client’s expectations, we strategically pair them with expert recruiters specific to their industry.  Working with a recruiter, who is knowledgeable in your field and knows exactly what to look for in a candidate, greatly increases the likelihood of successful candidate selection.


Leverage our extensive network of candidates:

We have built up a large network of candidates and contacts that we maintain communication with on a regular basis.  Once key point people are established in the client-recruiter relationship, our recruiters can tap into this network and start narrowing down a pool of viable candidates. Quality candidates are easily accessible, when our clients reach out.  We receive resumes regularly via our website, referral program, and job search sites that we have on hand for available positions.


Screen candidates:

Each resume that comes our way, is thoroughly evaluated.  We sift through resumes and perform thorough reference/background checks, in order to find top candidates for our clients.  When we commit to our clients, we commit to delivering the best results and making ideal placements.  We place high value on delivering top quality candidates and proceed with caution when assessing all possibilities.


Continued management:

With a commitment to client service, we oversee all recruiting efforts.  In addition to finding top talent for your organization, we manage the interview process and work as the liaison between the recruiter and candidate.  We value open communication throughout the process and encourage our clients to reach out with any questions, comments, or preferences.

Direct Hire

Direct hire positions are permanent and beneficial when hiring for both leadership and entry-level roles.  Russell Tobin has teams of recruiters dedicated to direct hire, in various industries.  When searching for direct hire roles, we seek to find candidates with skill sets that directly aligns with the requirements/ needs of the available position.  It can be extremely valuable to use a staffing company to fill these rolls, when committing to a full time hire, as it adds another layer of screening to ensure worthy candidates.  With direct hire, Russell Tobin manages the hiring process from recruiting to negotiation and final offers.

Temporary/Contract Hire

Contingent work is on the rise.  A temporary workforce solution can be extremely beneficial to a company, especially when trying to fill lost cost, low skill roles.  It enables companies to cut onboarding costs and unemployment/workers compensation liabilities.  Hiring someone for temporary work, can also be used as a ‘trial period’ that could potentially lead to a full time hire.  Russell Tobin has contract hire teams, working in various areas of expertise, dedicated to finding candidates interested in contract/ temp work.  When a client seeks temporary work, we not only manage the recruiting process, but onboarding, compensation, time off, benefits, and payroll.

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