Recruiting Coordinator Employee Spotlight: Sarah Howell Buck

Today we’re spotlighting our Lead Recruiting Coordinator at D.E. Shaw Group, Sarah Buck. Find out what she does here at Russell Tobin, how she helps our clients, and hear the advice she has for candidates who are in the job market.


Tell us about yourself


I’m Sarah Buck, I sit in Charleston, SC and I’ve been with Russell Tobin for 3.5 years! Prior to stepping into the RC function, I was a recruiter for 5 years. Recently, I was promoted to Russell Tobin’s first ever Coordination Manager where I lead our RC engagement within D.E. Shaw and assist Ashley Steger in the oversight of the RC function.


What is your favorite part about being an Recruiting Coordinator (RC)?


Knowing the impact that an RC has on the overall recruitment process and seeing offers go out to candidates that you’ve ‘touched’ during your tenure as an RC.


What is one tip you would give to a potential candidate?


Candidates, get comfortable being uncomfortable. Be open to receiving constructive criticism, take/ keep great notes, only present a problem with an accompanying possible resolution.


What drew you to work at Russell Tobin?


Every single person that I spoke to during the interview process was exceptional! So reflective of what I now know is engrained into Pride’s people-first culture.


What is one thing you wish people knew about your job?


That RC’s are NOT junior recruiters. In fact, I was a recruiter for 5 years before transitioning to RC work.


Interested in learning more about Russell Tobin’s bespoke coordination solutions and how we can help you optimize your organization’s talent acquisition function? Reach out to Associate Director, Ashley Steger at or on LinkedIn.